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The “Dzulakentron” Open Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies of Armenia. The “Kentronadzull” factory was established in Charentsavan  town in June 1966 with the purpose of the development of mechanical engineering industry in the Armenian SSR.

In 1997, the factory was privatized, as a result of which the “Dzulakentron” Open Joint Stock Companywas formed. During its activities the production of the company has satisfied both the demands of mechanical engineering, machine-tool construction and other enterprises of Armenia and the former USS republics in castings, mass consumption goods and non-standard equipment. The products turned out by the company and the services rendered by it have unique characteristics which are primarily related to the technical and qualitative standards. At present, the “Dzulakentron” OJSC produces iron and steel castings and parts, crumbling balls, which are mainly used in the mining sphere.

Operating in the mentioned industrial sphere during many years, having an exact idea what to produce, how to produce and how to sell, obtaining the actual knowledge in the market sphere and reorienting on the high-quality marketing products, the company is able to operate, produce and adapt to the competitive market demands.

The company has a stable market for the sale of its products. In the local market the company has it loyal consumers.